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Scenario: Relief Force

As a siege draws on, things become more and more desperate on both sides. The defenders know that they can only survive for so long unable to obtain supplies. The attacker is in a race against time to break the defenders before reinforcements can come to relieve them.

Download Relief Force scenario (56kb pdf)

The Strike-teams

This scenario is for two opposing strike-teams of equal value, one attacker and one defender. The attacking force consists of 300pts of troops, and the defending force has 450pts.
Of the defending team, between 100 and 150pts must be assigned as a garrison. The rest will be made available as reinforcements.

Deployment and Terrain

This scenario is best played out on a 4'x4' table. The defender places one large fortification (capable of holding at least 10 small-based models) at the centre of his board edge This fortification can be represented by a bunker, fortified building, sandbagged position, or any similar defensive structure. Remaining terrain should be placed upon the battlefield in any mutually agreeable manner. The area within 12" of the fortification should feature fairly light cover such as razorwire and craters, and areas outwith this should feature medium density terrain, such as dragon's teeth tank traps, wrecked vehicles, piles of rubble and other similar features. The defending player sets up his garrison force first, placing them inside the fortification (observing the rules for the capacity of each fortification). The attacker then places his force within 12" of his deployment edge.

Special Rules


The fortifications confer a 6+ cover save to any models using them as cover. Reinforced Foundation Hydra Surface Vents may not be placed within 8" of any fortification.


The defender's reinforcements are placed along his board edge at the beginning of turn 6. They may be issued orders and activated during that turn.

Strategic Withdrawal

The standard strategic withdrawal rules apply to the attacking team, which has a 66% break point. The defender does not have to test for strategic withdrawal.

Game Length

The game lasts until one of the following criteria have been met:

  • The attacking team makes a strategic withdrawal.
  • The defender's garrison is completely obliterated.
  • The defending team is completely obliterated.

Objectives and Victory Conditions

The objective for the attacker is to wipe out the garrison before the rest of the defending force arrives. The defender must prevent this by driving off the attacker.
Victory points are awarded as follows:

  • For each defending model killed that was part of the garrison, the defender receives victory points equal to double the model's cost.
  • For each defending model killed that was part of the reinforcements, the attacker receives victory points equal to half the model's cost.
  • For each attacking model killed, the defender receives victory points equal to the model's cost.
  • If the attacker is forced to withdraw, the defender receives 150 victory points.

The winner is the player with the most victory points at the end of the game.

Multiplayer Variant

This scenario is suitable for three or more players, by forming teams of attackers and defenders.